A collection of hotwife captions

Here's a few of my favorite hotwife captions, memes, gifs and infographics that I think you'll appreciate and/or find helpful.  [gallery type="rectangular" size="medium" link="file"...

What I find sexy

If I find it sexy you'll find it here.  I'm often asked what I'm into or what kinds of things turn me on and it's hard to articulate at times but it's easy to give you a visual peek into what I find downright steamy and sexy. Here's a little collection of...

Come play with me…on Twitch!

While it's not quite in the hotwife realm of things I thought I'd share  that you can now come hang with me on Twitch! I'm usually answering emails, on snapchat and/or replying to messages while I game so I figured I'd combine the two and invite you all to...

Come hang out in The BullPen

I'm so excited so share a new area on Curvyhotwife.com with you. It's called The BullPen and it's a new blog authored by an amazing bull who we'll call J. I've always enjoyed sharing my hotwife point of view but as a hotwife there are so many aspects of...

Say My Name….Say My Name

Hotwife meets fangirl here. Got Brendon Urie (from Panic! at the disco) to say CurvyHotwife on his stream today.No shame in my fangirl game and I love that he had a laugh at having to say it...but he thinks it great so there's that. 🙂 AND ANOTHER ONE One...

May I have 6 minutes of your time please

Before you watch this clip you'll have to sit and hear me out. You're about to check out a clip from Unfaithful. If you've seen it you're aware that is it not at all a hotwife situation and that everything ends terribly for everyone and if you haven't, omg go and...

Keeping my husband up to date on my date nights via Snapchat

Keeping my husband up to date on my date nights via Snapchat//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js

Mind of a Hotwife: Getting Ready

There's a very specific energy to the day of meeting up with someone that kind of hangs in the air throughout the day and doesn't seem to go away for at least a day or two after. It's a mix of love between my husband and I, excitement of the unknown (for both of us)...

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