curvyhotwifepicsandimages2014_470So I know there’s a lot of talk about how hotwifing is sexually liberating for wives and helps to open up her ‘repressed sexuality’ but I was already open & liberated so I think this kink just pushed me past liberated and right into the slutty slutty deep end. My favorite definition of slut I’ve come across: a woman with the morals of a man…so I’ll just point out that I mean and use the word with the most affection & humor possible (along the lines of…this Pink video)  

I had the label of being a slut when I was younger (ah, high school, amiright?!?) but I was far from it. I’ve always been in long term relationships and I settled down long before any of my friends did but when you’re rockin’ DD’s rumors start and they’re hard to live down…I guess the bigger the tits the bigger the slut…I don’t remember the math to that one but it seems to be an accepted equation. I really never cared about the label because even though I wasn’t sleeping around I’ve been getting laid on the regular for quite a while now and I knew I was kinkier than most of my friends. So even though I have a solid 15 years of fun filled sexy times I didn’t have a lot of variety…I knew I wasn’t a ‘slut’ so the label never bothered me. Now it seems like it’s thrown around much more frequently and even my husband and myself say it all the time. It’s a strange term of endearment but it works for us because we know it’s not an accurate depiction of who or what I am…or so I thought. Since we’ve started making the hotwife fantasy a reality our conversations about other guys, sex, boundaries, etc. has left me scratching my head sometimes…mostly in a “did I really just say that” kind of way. I’m starting to think that this has opened up a whole new slutty world…and it’s pretty freakin’ awesome in my personal opinion. I’m definitely feeling more and more like a young frat guy on the prowl rather than the grown ass wife & mother that I usually see myself as (not complaints, just observing).

So I want to know all the opinions about the ‘slutty’ side of hotwifing…is the general impression that we’re promiscuous? Slutty? I’m really curious as to what the single guys looking in think of this and what the husbands (who probably notice even the slightest of changes) think about the sluttyness/openness/insert pc term you prefer here that have occurred since you opened up your marriage…

  • Gentlemen: Do you find hotwives are ‘sluttier’ in bed? In meeting/chatting? Is it part of the appeal of fucking a hotwife?


  •’s the sexual liberation going for your wives? Is it just me or is there a certain ‘slutty-ness’ that goes hand in hand with hotwifing? Does she bring the sluttyness home to your bed? Is that part of the turn on?


  • What changes have you noticed in your wife since she started hooking up with people outside of your marriage? I know wardrobe is a common one here.


  • Would it bother you if other people think she’s a slut? friends, family, co-workers, strangers…you get the idea


  • Last but certainly not least, HotWives….just tell me everything, I love your messages and this is definitely one of the things that’s odd to bring up with friends in real life…so tell me your thoughts 😉


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