I‘m saddened to say that my Snapchat account has been terminated.  After sharing my day to day life, from date nights to baking and everything in between, someone felt the need to consistently report me until my account was shut down. I don’t know who, snapchat doesn’t give many specifics unfortunately. I have to say that this has been surprisingly devastating. Those that have followed along for awhile know the amount of time, energy and effort I put into responding to everyone and how much of my open marriage and daily life I’ve shared for so long. I have the general mentality that social media is a fun bonus in life and I don’t take it seriously or care very much about it but I will say that I care very much about the many people I’ve gotten to know over this (relatively) short time.

My New Snap Code


I enjoy so many aspects of getting to know various people and couples from every corner of the globe and to have that abruptly taken away truly pisses me the fuck off. There’s a growing list of reasons that I’m upset to be honest, I just learned that I was banned while on a trip so it’s still sinking in now that I’m home and I’m really annoyed by the whole thing. At the end of the day it’s better to move onwards and upwards, so if you’re into what I’ve been sharing for the past 15 months then please follow along. If you’re not into then please…just don’t. I’ve gotten to know so so many of you and I’d be really pleased if you wanted to follow along the new account because I really enjoy chatting with you, seeing your stories and so much more.