I’ve been planning to write up a post once I was back at this hotwife thing, in fact I had it all planned out…the date not the post. It’s been a long while since I’ve met up with anyone and my husband and I have spent countless hours looking forward to the ‘getting back out there’ phase of all of this. After much discussion about how we plan on approaching this fantasy from now on we were ready. We redefined a lot of what we were looking for, spent hours communicating, fantasizing, compromising, etc and we were finally there.

We’re at that stage where this is fun and exciting again and really pleased to have gotten there after a few setbacks these past few months. I was feeling particularly stubborn in my list of demands that I wanted going forward (nothing major, things like no less than 6 hours notice, meeting in the evening/no date time dates). So we set out on finding some new people and hoping that we can schedule a few dates over the coming weeks. Of course things never move at the pace you expect them so despite being a bit overwhelmed with messages and offers it was difficult to get anything really set in stone. Funny how that works, isn’t’ it? In a moment of insanity I thought ‘oh, let’s check out Tinder again’! Long story short, I matched two guys who were within a few miles of me (Score!)



So gent 1 we’ll call James and dude 2 can be Brian. I chatted with James here and there over the course of a few days, I wasn’t particularly hopeful since he can’t host and neither could I. I mentally kind of moved on and figured there’s no rush…and there’s always door number 2…I mean Brian.  Brian happens to be ridiculously hot and I figure if I get the chance to fuck people outta my league I’m gonna do it. So I texted him and in a moment of impatience; both my husband and I were kinda like ‘fuck it let’s jump back in today’ so I took the opportunity to be more forward and to the point than usual. We exchanged a few flirty messages back and forth. Then he ghosted! Of course he didn’t do that until he gave me reason to think that meeting up was somewhat likely. Anyway I’m snapchatting the day away and just leaving it up to ‘the powers that be’ to see how it would play out. Hours later he un-ghosted (?) but had a lame excuse. I was polite, because he’s super hot and I’d still fuck him, but I wasn’t really feeling it and he wasn’t quick to respond.

Some texts between Brian and I.

Now some couples may know that feeling when you mentally prepared to have a date that night and it doesn’t work out. It’s not quite disappointment but somewhat you feel kind of let down, disoriented….and still horny. So now we’re on a mission of sorts.

Some texts between James and I.



I’d been flirting with James throughout the day so when he sent some pics before a shower I put it out that we could meet up…that night. He was up for it  but we still didn’t have a place to meet.  I don’t know the details but the result is that we all kind of said ‘fuck it, let’s meet up and go for a drive and mess around in the car’, which is really very very unlike me. Like I said, he’s down…my husband is on board (and hard as a rock) so I jump in the shower, throw on a different dress and I’m ready to go. I think it all came together so quick that I just went with it. I usually over think, over plan, second guess and all that but before I knew it I was kissing my husband good bye after he took the car seats out of the back for me. He gave me directions, kissed me and walked back into the house. Smirking, I’m sure.

The drive was quick, he’s local to the point that I probably shouldn’t go grab coffee looking like a hot mess cause we go to the same coffee place. I didn’t have my usual mental prep time. Only about 45 minutes has passed since we decided to do this at all. So homeboy comes up to my car as I’m smiling and silently praying that he doesn’t look different than his pictures. I’m also quickly realizing that this would be a hard situation to get out of…and now I have to drive around with him on back roads that I don’t know while we find a place to park so I can give him a blow job. I remembered that at some point earlier that night I thought this was a great idea so again, fuck it, I’m going with it.

His directions lead to a church, he says it’s abandoned. I beg to differ it was closed, very different thing than abandoned. Luckily I’m not religious and if I was I’m pretty sure the old guy up there would be happy I was getting some so again, I went with it. Pulled around back, under a few lights but still tucked away and totally discreet. We got out and sat in the back and from there it didn’t take long for him to reach over and pull me over for a kiss. Eager beaver James was all over me…his hand going up my legs and up my dress, the other around my waist and back pulling me into him. It didn’t take long before I had my hands on his cock…have I mentioned that it’s been awhile because it’s been awhile. Untying his shorts and taking his cock out was like christmas morning and it wasn’t even a crazy impressive cock. The whole situation was oddly working for me so…you guessed it…I went with it. I brushed my hair to one side, took his cock out and leaned over. As soon as my lips touched the tip his hips were pushing up, I happily took all of him in my mouth. I happen to love giving blow jobs and being in the back of my car and hearing him moan, smelling his cologne, feeling his hands pulled up my dress and rubbed my pussy was sensory overload. Unfortunately it was the same for him, after a nano second of enjoying his cock he said I had to stop or he’d cum. Ok. He did mention it had been awhile so whatever, it’s cool. I’ll just not suck his cock for a minute and then get back to it. He filled the time by climbing on top of me (as much as you can in the back of a 4 door sedan. My legs spread with him between them, he pulled down the front of my dress, pulled the black lace bra I had worn and practically swan dove into my cleavage. I almost came from that…but it wasn’t until I felt his fingers inside me and his tongue on my nipple that I did.


At that point I needed to be fucked. My husband suspected it, I suspected it and we proved ourselves right, I cannot give someone a blow job and not really want fuck them. In my defense…I just really love it and want to (not much of a defense, sorry).  I kept his head buried in my tits while I asked him to fuck me. Time froze, I got the are you sure look. I gave him the…’do I look like I don’t mean it’ face. I mean I’m spread eagle in the back of a car with his cock a few inches away and I just came….yes, I’m sure that’s why I asked. I took the smile right off his face when I asked if he brought condoms. “I really didn’t think we were going to have sex so I didn’t bring any”. Luckily my husband is a freakin’ saint and made sure I had a few in my bag before I left; awesome husband to the rescue yet again. I bust one out of my purse (after leaning over the front seat of course so my pussy was practically on his face. Handed it over and before he could put it on I slid down again and took his cock in my mouth. Again he said my lips were going to make him cum and I needed to stop (literally about 8 seconds in). He did that ninja condom move and I immediately slid down onto his cock. In the backseat of my car behind a so called ‘abandoned’ church, at midnight on a Monday. SO strange. I just got comfortable when I sensed it…he was gonna cum. He confirmed, he came hard (in a condom while inside me), he regretted cumming so fast and said so. I wasn’t particularly thrilled either but whatever. One of the perks of all of this is that no matter how an experience goes I’m going home to some great dick and a guy who knows exactly how to make me cum. I was happy to help James with his recent dry spell and now that it was broken I was ready to go home. Ugh, I had to bring him back home first. Surprisingly not an awkward ride despite the fact that his 23 year old ass said I was old (he said ‘no offense’ though so it’s totally cool, right? right?). I realized on the way there that it could go either way and was thankful that we was perfectly normal and went with the flow so the ride was not too bad. I dropped him off and raced home to my husband.

My husband asked me not to tell him if I fucked James or not, he wanted to see if he could feel the difference for himself. I had him somewhat fooled but I’m pretty sure he knew I did long before he fucked me and felt for himself. It was fun though to have to wait to share that detail with him. I filled him in on the details which were basically that I drove longer than I fucked and that was that. We got to hang out for just enough time to get to the sexy details (if you call them that) before our youngest woke up. He went to get her back to sleep (many more times over the course of the night) as that’s the way it goes in real life. I just wanted to come home and get fucked after not quite getting fucked earlier but I was cock blocked yet again. All’s well that ends well though and we decided to fuck instead of sleep last night so he came, I came…everyone came and everyone was happy.  The end.

Not quite the end after all. I wanted to post the dirty details since I had a lot of questions about this date in particular. I’m sure there’s more to say but I haven’t slept so here’s the quick answers/rundown:

  • He was 23 (I’m 32)
  • Found him on Tinder
  • He’s cute, not my usual type but fit, lean, handsome, etc.
  • Chatted for about 3 maybe 4 days on and off.
  • The whole thing was so fast. I don’t mean that in a mocking way but it was the quickest hook up by far.
    Totally cool though, just means I got home that much faster.  😉
  • I don’t meet people and hookup in cars. Now I just told story where I did so I look like a hypocrite.We had plans to meet today, he was getting a hotel room and we had the night to hang out…I was just so damn impatient and wanted the D so I was willing to change my expectations to get it. Also I liked that he was close to home and since I blew my husband in the car the other night I figured it could be almost as much fun as that (it wasn’t).

It wasn’t what we planned or expected but we both feel great today and are so excited to be back to being able to fulfill this fantasy and have fun with it. Only now it’s even better than before because we’ve had so much time to work through previous issues and get settled in general (we moved) so we’re really looking forward to many more experiences to come. In fact this morning my husband challenged me to see how many days in a row I could make it if I have to hook up with someone every single day. It’s not gonna happen but I like the way he’s thinking!