curvyhotwifepicsandimages2014_151Let’s start with the most important thing first. When you’re exploring your kinks and fantasies you should always do whatever you’re comfortable with and turned on by as long as everyone involved is consenting, happy and on the same page as you, hotwifing is no exception. While there are ways to go about this that are more common than others the details of how you play are entirely up to you and under your control. Every couple is unique and the way you approach this kink will be unique to you.

This truly is a couple’s kink and it’s important to keep in mind that whether you play together or solo the desires and boundaries of husband and wife have to be considered at all times. Some couples prefer the wife to play solo and others the husband joins or watches his wife and her playmate. Whatever dynamic you want you can design and indulge in together. There are many common threads no matter how you approach this fantasy; they lay the foundation to figuring out your play style. Love, respect, trust and communication are the cornerstones of the hotwife kink and in each different way of lying they must be present in order for everyone involved to be happy.

Here’s a few of the common scenarios, situations, and arrangements that we’ve come across in our own hotwife journey:

Playing As A Couple (separate): Usually looks like this…The couple may pick, communicate with and find guys together; separate accounts or profiles are common giving her the freedom to connect with and get to know potential partners on her own. The couple may plan the date but ultimately the wife plays solo. Once a third (or bull) is found she’ll go on dates/hook up with him and come back to her husband to share the details (stories, pictures, video, etc). Pretty straightforward hotwifing and the closest to our personal play style.

Playing As A Couple (together):  Another common arrangement is playing as a couple. Many wives enjoy the comfort of having their husband on a date with them and a large appeal for many husbands is the ‘live personalized porn’ aspect that this kink allows. If that’s you then laying together makes sense and can be an incredible bonding experience as a couple. Playing together is usually along the lines of the couple picking, planning and sharing dates through shared accounts.  Husbands can be within earshot when the wife plays or he can join (MFM/threesomes).

Threesomes: Similar to the above many couples somewhat fall under the hotwife umbrella if they engage in threesomes as a couple.  Many MFM situations focus on the wife and her fantasies/desires. Husbands can take turns with the third and step back to take pics or just watch and enjoy the view of their wife being pleasured.


Like I said there’s a unique play style for each couple and you can incorporate any elements that appeal to you at any given time. If the first few encounters you prefer your husband to be there for support (or any reason), great. If after that you only want to play solo then awesome. If you find you prefer your husband finds bulls and you all have jump into bed together and have threesomes, more power to you. As long as everyone is safe and is having their needs met then do what works for you. Communicate constantly about any changes you want to make to your style of play, re-adjust until you find the system that works best for you and your marriage.




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