Communication is everything…
Success with a couple and/or hotwife almost exclusively hinges on how well you can communicate.  Let me reiterate, COMMUNICATION IS EVERYTHING.
Although being a bull is not about a deep emotional connection, the communication dynamic is not that much different from the real world of dating and hooking up.  If you are an average guy with an average dick, but possess a charisma and confidence that people are attracted to, you may do ok.  Conversely if you are all looks and dick with no energy or personality, you can easily blow it.  Although there are many couples purely into the fantasy of getting fucked by an anonymous stud. In that case…all good for the empty headed male bimbo types.
How hotwives/couples communicate with potential bulls has changed dramatically the past couple of years.  Most of us are seeking a certain level of anonymity in this lifestyle, and communication tools are evolving in this regard while also providing more efficient ways to directly connect.
When I first started communicating with hotwives and couples I started on  This would mean checking in on your computer when you can for messages.  This eventually lead to texting and nowadays there are so many sites and apps at our disposal that this process is so much easier.
I can assure you that I have drop the ball more than once when it comes to my communication skills.  I’ve done it said stupid things that have tried to learn from, or it just never clicked even if I thought I did it perfectly.  This process is far from linear, but I have developed a number of guidelines from the initial contact to first meeting and beyond, that have yielded much opportunity:
1.  Know you are speaking with – When you first find a potential wife/couple on a site or social media, it’s important you properly assess the situation before introducing yourself.  The introduction email is your resume.  It’s need to be direct and succinct in order to stand out from the ton of messages a hotwife will receive daily.
I have noted that couples love when you seem to fully grasp what they are looking for, and despise you appear to not.  If they have a very specific profile with a criteria for a prospective guy, it’s fairly rude to approach without any acknowledgement of their desires.  Many couples do not have specific information posted, but still appreciate that you know a bit of what they want.  Curvyhotwife is a perfect example.  We all know she posts her amazing and beautiful self on various mediums, with occasional info on what she is seeking.  This is where you need to pay attention and take notes before considering approaching.
You could copy and paste the same generic intro on 1,000 profiles and probably get some feedback.  However, if you really want the best wives and couples, you need to work on standing out in your initial communication attempts.
2.  You will be screened, don’t take it personally – One thing that is great for potential bulls today, is that probably 90-95% of guys you are competing against are bad.  Sometimes really horrible people actually.
If you are a member of Curvyhotwife’s Snapchat, you know multiple times a day she is reported for her content.  Who would take the time to actually add her on Snapchat just to report her?  Another sad example recently is a hotwife I play with regularly that joined a new site after Tumblr shutdown explicit content.  She had posted some videos of us together and a guy who she didn’t respond to became very agitated.  He was bashing me about how he could fuck her better and went into threats of knowing her husband and going to tell their families.  She deleted her account instead of blocking the nut cause as she said, “it happens way too much.”
These are just small examples of why people take more and more times on the screening process of guys.  Often, you will talk to the husband first.  If you don’t like that, then move on.  Think of it from his perspective.  He loves his significant other more than anything and all he wants to do is make sure she is safe.  Chat with the guy and make that very clear to him.  Put him at ease to allow you to begin talking to his wife.
Once you begin talking to everyone, let them guide the conversation.  If they want to be very sexual, then do so.  If not, do that as well.  Remember, this is not totally about you and you need to drop any expectations that it will move at your pace.
3. Games?  Ain’t nobody got time for that?  –  when I was younger, I was taught to play it cool to attract women.  Act aloof and they will come to you.  
With a hotwife that strategy may make you dead on arrival before you even had a chance.  This is mostly a sexual enhancement and experience for a couple.  They are so madly in love and trusting that they are willing to take this extraordinary step.  You are not that vital to their lives that you will be pursued.  Try that shit and they will just assume you truly aren’t interested.
Communicate and sometimes over communicate, but never too much.  No response for a bit?  Probably something important like, oh I don’t know, careers and kids to raise.
It’s about conveying your interest which in turn provides comfort that you are committed.  Shower the wife with compliments to build her confidence to move forward.  Tell the husband how lucky he is to have her.
4.  Go with the flow and don’t get discouraged – always let the wife and/or couple guide the time of the conversation while also holding on to who you are.  If something falls apart, try to look back and see what may have gone wrong and learn from it the next.
Another section here that I quickly realized needed it’s own separate entry, was picture etiquette.  Specifically dick pic etiquette.
Stay tuned…

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