If you’re anything like us and you’re done your research about being a hotwife you’ve mostly likely come across more cuckold information than anything else. A cuckold is a spouse or partner who either likes to watch his wife with other men or is (consensually) forced to watch. His sexual pleasure comes from the control his wife has over the situation and her sexuality and cuckolding often includes elements of humiliation, degrading dirty talk, submission (on the husbands’ part) chastity and sissification.

Hotwifing doesn’t share any of these elements yet these kinks seemed to get grouped into one fetish by many people. While cuckolding and hotwifing each take a great amount of trust and respect for your partner they are two very different things.  Hotwifing focuses on the enjoyment, sexual freedom and mutual exploration as a couple. If some elements of both appeal to you then make a hybrid of the two and live out your fantasies, again there’s no right or wrong way.

You’ve probably also come across the term ‘Bull’ from time to time in your quest to find out more about this kink. A bull is a term referring to the third male brought in to pleasure the wife. The most common definition of a bull is a well hung ‘stud’ (or some say stunt cock). He usually has a very high level of vigor and sexual tenacity and enjoys performing while the husband watches/joins. Basically a bull knows how to pleasure a woman and do it well, either one on one or with an audience (your spouse). There’s also the aspects of the term bull that fall under the cuckold fetish (where the bull is invited to join a married couple who may have a cum or breeding fetish. Some cuckold couples enjoy having the bull cum in the wife (that usually comes into play with ‘breeding’ fetish play).  In my opinion, Bull just isn’t the greatest term and the image it brings to mind is unsavory but it seems to get the point across in this lifestyle. Always make sure you and your ‘bull’ are on the same page…for some it implies alpha-male dominance or her wanting to be filled with cum, sometimes it implies wanting a guy whose well hung, or strictly BBC or could imply that you want the pants charmed off your wife by an attractive single guy. If the term makes you uncomfortable because of its ties to cuckolding you can use third, toy lover or FWB and you’ll get your point across.

I could get into the cuckold thing and the nuances and power dynamics but there’s already websites and blogs dedicated to cuckolding & femdom. If you’re interests fall more towards cuckolding I suggest you check out a few resources online and look into boards/forums and groups that can help you better navigate the cuckold kink.  If hotwifing is your kink and the fantasy that you want to indulge than you’ve found the right site.

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